What they say about BLESSED ARE THE DEAD

Kristi Belcamino uses her newsroom background to grand effect in this crackling, savvy debut. Insider know-how and deft detail make every page come alive  and those pages fly by as the story reaches out and grabs you by the heart. Blessed are the Dead is a great read, Gabriella Giovanni is a one-of-a-kind character, and Kristi Belcamino is a writer to watch.
David Corbett, award-winning author of DO THEY KNOW I’M RUNNING?

“A fast-paced and remarkably assured debut, featuring an immensely likeable protagonist and a reporter’s eye for detail. Belcamino puts her experience on the crime beat to good use, creating the kind of villain who’ll lurk in your nightmares long after the book ends. Double-check your locks before you crack this one open!”
— Owen Laukkanen, author of THE PROFESSIONALS


“This weekend I finished a fantastic book called “Blessed are the Dead” by Kristi Belcamino. I was lucky enough to have connections in the writer world (thanks Owen Laukkanen) and obtained an early draft to read as this novel isn’t available to the public til June. I’m looking forward to reading the final published copy for comparison! But I do have to say that I think this novel is poorly categorized as being about a serial killer. To me I found, at least in this version, the serial killer was a sub plot to the dynamic and interesting star character. I couldn’t put this book down because I loved Gabriella Giovanni. Intensely well written. Interesting characters and exploits. A storyline that keeps you interested from start to finish. I am definitely hooked and looking forward to the next adventure! I highly recommend you put this book on your to-read list and pre-order the digital version today! It’s a great deal (price will likely go way up when they announce the hardcover publish date) and you won’t regret it.”

— Alexis May Tanner