Summer Ritual and More Good News

Posted by on July 11, 2011

I am blessed to be part of an extremely large family that actually loves spending time together. Each summer for one weekend we gather at a cabin perched on the edge of a peaceful Wisconsin lake and eat, swim, and play cards. The grandparents and families with babies sleep in the small cabin or a bunkhouse, while the rest of us pitch tents Bedouin Gypsy style.

So, this last weekend I spent three lazy days deep in the woods swimming in the lake, drinking wine, and eating Smores with about 35 loved ones. This yearly ritual just gets better and better.

This year I have so many snapshots burned into my memory that will sustain me through the next Midwestern winter:

Rumbling thunder before the sun broke through moody skies and warmed tan bodies splashing in the lake.

Small, private moments sitting in turquoise Adirondack chairs sharing laughter and wine with my toes dug into the warm sand.

Drifting off to sleep soothed by the murmur of people drinking coffee and playing cribbage late into the night.

Waking one morning at dawn to the funny whooping cry of an oversized woodpecker and the sound of a mother Loon calling to her youngsters.

Red licorice for breakfast, a bald eagle soaring high above the lake, and floating fields of lily pads and lotus flowers.

Then, when I arrived back home, I was thrilled to find my mystery, Blessed are the Dead, had been chosen in a contest as one of two manuscripts that will be reviewed by a literary agent.

What a perfect weekend.


7 Responses to Summer Ritual and More Good News

  1. Jana

    Kristi, so excited to hear about your contest news! Sounds like serenditipity to me :)

  2. Mary

    I agree it is about the best weekend all year. I love your description of it but I don’t think you had your toes hurried in the sand for long, ‘cuse your ankles would have been eaten by horse fllies! Congratulations on the contest! That really was a great surprise to come home to.

  3. Rebekah

    Toes in dipped in sand, jewel-colored adirondack chairs, and a nice glass of wine sound like a heavenly vacation. That’s such a lovely image!

    • Kristi

      Thanks Rebekah. Nice to see you over here at this blog!
      Stephanie — thanks so much. I’m still crossing my fingers on the book … someday!

  4. Stephanie

    That place looks dreamy. I’m glad you had a great vacation! And congratulations on the news of your book. How exciting.

  5. Susan Oloier

    Sounds divine. I grew up in WI.
    Congrats on the contest!!!

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