What they are saying about WEEP

Posted by on March 30, 2015

What they are saying about 


“I was convinced the author had only two books in her and the third was a return to literary mediocrity. Fortunately, I finished the book. Ms. Belcamino has written a stunning book … She is on the cusp of being included in the same breath of America’s best mystery writers. For my money, she has hit the big time.” — Dick Barbuto, Mystery Book Reviews and Discussion

“The story is gripping.” — Liz on Goodreads

“A thumping good read. I enjoyed the story as well as the characters, and tore through this book in under 24 hours. It has a tremendous need-to-know-what-happens factor …” — Girl Detective

“Belcamino continues to up the ante, creating even more tension and more page-turning suspense than ever.” —David Pennington, author of PEER THROUGH TIME.

“But this book!” — Douglas Cronk on Goodreads

“BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO WEEP demonstrates the importance of family and how the willingness to forgive others and oneself is important.” — John Kurtze, Authors on the Air


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