Blessed Are The Meek Reviews

What other writers are saying:

“These pages practically turn themselves. Belcamino’s gutsy media thriller takes readers inside the world of deadlines and dead bodies.” – Julie Kramer, national bestselling author of the Riley Spartz thrillers

What reviewers are saying:

“Let’s be honest, sometimes the first book is WOW and the second book…meh. So not true in this case! Blessed Are the Meek, like Blessed Are the Dead is a mix of Gabriella’s past and her present. While in Blessed Are the Dead she was involved in an investigation that points to a tragedy in her past, in Blessed Are the Meek she is forced to choose between her obsession with the past and her present love. Nice twist.

Reading Blessed Are the Meek is like riding Space Mountain — since you’re in the dark you don’t know where you’re headed next and even the smallest twist turn leaves you totally confused. And like Space Mountain, as soon as you’re finished you want more. So Kristi I hope you’re busy writing!

Secrets, secrets, secrets. Everyone has them and author Kristi Belcamino is revealing them one character (and book) at a time. I’m enjoyed the delving into the other characters. We sure learned more about Donovan this time around but the character I really enjoyed was Lopez, the photographer. Kristi, if you’re taking requests I would love a book tied to his mysterious past. And you will love the whiplash ending!”
— Jodi Webb on Words by Webb

“Author Kristi Belcamino does an excellent job accurately portraying what a true journalist is. She captures the adrenaline rush that comes with getting the scent of a great story mingled with the gut-wrenching knowledge it will mean pain and suffering for someone else.

Reporter Gabriella Giovanni enjoys her job as a crime reporter even though secrets from her past haunt her daily and she has problems keeping a steady boyfriend.

The kidnapping of a young girl leads Gabriella to a story she knows she has to pursue at all cost. While trying to deal with an-up-and-coming reporter, as well as inner office politics, Gabriella gets closer to finding a killer. When the killer targets her family, there’s no stopping Gabriella.

Belcamino’s characters are realistic, well-developed and likable. Her vivid descriptions places the reader in the middle of the action.

This is a fast-pace story filled with twists and turns keeping the reader on the edge of their seat. The action gives the reader a roller coaster ride with little time to catch their breath. The story quickly draws you in, holds you spellbound and doesn’t let go until the very end. And even then, the story holds promise of more to come.

The author’s extensive background shines through with brilliant perception as she weaves this tantalizing tale of murder, mystery and intrigue. She blends it with humor, loyalty, and a touch of romance for a well-balanced read. She captures the drive of a journalist along with the energy and occasional undermining of a newsroom with great clarity.

This is a nail-biting thriller with a charming protagonist that readers will want to visit time and time again.”
— By Mason Canyon

What readers like YOU are saying:

“Love this book’s protagonist, Gabriella Giovanni! She lives and breathes, and you just can’t get enough of her! Gabriella and her Italian family are so real, you want to join them for Sunday dinner! The second in a new series, this book follows Blessed are the Dead! which I also reviewed with 5 stars. Gabriella is a crime reporter who gets into the middle of a homicide investigation, along with her lover, Detective Sean Donovan. She may be in great danger herself but she never backs off from trying to find whoever has framed Donovan for murders he didn’t commit. Along with the new investigation, Gabriella continues to search out leads for the monster who murdered her baby sister many years ago. Once I started it, I did NOT want to stop reading until I got to the end. I highly commend this author, she writes a compelling novel which leaves you salivating for the next one in the series.” – Mikki on Amazon

“Excellent follow up on Blessed are the Dead. I’m really starting to fall in love with Gabriella although sometimes her impetuous nature (and rash decision making) makes me a little crazy. In the ongoing plot line, she continues to deal with her grief at the loss of her sister, but is starting to come to terms with it in ways that will let her move forward with her life. But the current crisis is one that starts small and mystifying and becomes large and downright scary, enveloping her boyfriend Donovan in ways that drive her through a series of risky and riskier actions to try and save him. The end, when it comes, is emotionally satisfying and leaves me anxious to read the next one.” – Michael Kelberer on Amazon

“Wow! When I said that Ms Belcamino’s first publication (Blessed are the Dead) was a great story, little did I know how she would outdo herself in her follow up novel, Blessed are the Meek. This one I could not put down. Usually I can read a novel in 3-5 days but this one i couldnt stop reading until the very end. It was almost 2am when i laid it down. Fast paced…believable characterization…please dont make us wait to long for the next one!” – JCG on Amazon