Fall Snapshots

Posted by on September 30, 2011


Something about the light this fall has had me reaching for the camera more often than I am reaching for my manuscript. But my writing will always be my first love. Luckily, any type of artistic stimulation helps spawn other art forms. At least that is how it works for me.

I have been so visually stimulated lately and hope to pour that into my writing.

I recently picked up a Holga (aka toy camera) and have revisited my love of black and white film.

I’ve been carrying this lightweight, indestructible little camera everywhere this fall. I have shot pics of graveyards galore, old movie theater facades, hidden doorways in trees, and even snapped a few shots of wild turkeys chasing a woman walking to the bus stop.

Here are some random shots that have captured my eye this fall.

In all my photos, I’ve included two sizes because I have not yet figured out how to post photos without my silly sidebar getting in the way.

The last photo — of a guy hanging out in his yard — is one of my favorites, but I was too shy to take more than two quick snapshots and this was the best of the two. I did a u-turn when I saw him and we had a great conversation. He was a real sweetie.


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  1. Stephanie

    There are so many interesting things about that last photo, from the freaky statue in front to his skin, to the Americana element with the flag. I’m curious about his story just from the photo.

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