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I am beyond thrilled to introduce you to Danica Siegel, creator and president of “I am” perfumes. Danica has opened my world to the mystery and magic of scent. This gorgeous woman has so much excitement and enthusiasm and optimism that I can’t wait for you to read more about her below.

I’ve been lucky enough to chat with Danica on more than one occasion and find that I never want to hang up because she is such a delight.

Here are her thoughts on the world of fragrance.

Please leave a comment below to be automatically entered in a giveaway. Danica wants to put together a gift bag of I Am Blessed products for one lucky winner that will include perfume, a candle, and more!


What does perfume and/or scent mean to you?

Perfume for me is about a new way to discover ones own untapped creativity, real love, true beauty, a new sense of inner peace and an incredible source of power. Perfume is a vehicle for power in beautiful ways we could never dreamed of. For example, when I wear my I Am Blessed perfume I am reminded about all that I have to be thankful for, all the blessings in my life. Being in this state of gratitude, this heightened awareness, makes me very very happy.

Perfume improves my perspective and perception of myself in the world. It opens up my heart and mind giving me a sense of connectedness, of belonging. It makes me feel calm, at peace. I feel like I have enough. I feel full, rich, flowing with power and plenty of everything. So I therefore focus less on what I can get and more on what I can give. That is the goal. Kindness, love and compassion.

It makes feel like I enough, and so therefore I am happy to share, to give to others. Giving and sharing feels like magic inside. To me, perfume is tapping into an inner power that is always there, I just need to plug into it. I use fragrance as a power cord.

Why is scent so important?

My nose is this incredible thing in the middle of my face that can serve me in so many ways. It is a direct pathway to my emotional side, my feelings, and how I feel about myself really dictates my behavior. If I’m feeling confident and good about myself, then I’m coming from a place of empowerment and love. The better I feel about me, the better I feel you. Being a person with a positive influence gives my life meaning.

Scent is incredibly powerful, but it is up to us to harness this power. We have this power right in the middle of our face. Our nose is breathing all the time and bringing information in all the time. We are unaware of things going through our olfactory system and into our brain.

To be completely unaware of its power is to miss out on such an importance sense. In many ways, the nose knows more than the eyes and ears knows! The nose has the most direct link in the brain to our feelings, emotions and behavior. The nose is huge. That’s why it is front and center on the face!

Why should we understand this power?

When the brain and mind are trained to look for beauty, love, kindness and sharing we are creating neuro-pathways in the brain. Our thinking (thoughts) are habit forming. For example, if you walk down the same pathway often, it’s easy to fall into that path and go over it again and again. You know that road. That’s why it can be hard to get out of old ways of thinking that keep us stuck in negative patterns of behavior.

We can harness the power of scent to redirect our thinking to create healthier neuro-pathways so we fall into positive ways of thinking and behavior as the new default. If you get tired of going down the old way—what I call stinking thinking—if you want to create new ways of looking at yourself in the world and new ways of thinking and behaving, you need to go down those new pathways over and over again to make that a well traveled path.

When did you first become interested in scent and perfume?

I first became interested in scent in 1993 when I discovered the power of essential oils and the power of plants. I studied with an herbalist who taught me about the healing powers of essential oils and herbal remedies for natural homemade beauty treatments. I started realizing there were no beauty products on the market addressing inner beauty; the quality of our thoughts and feelings. The beauty world only addresses outer beauty. Perfume is way to cultivate inner beauty.

All the perfumes on the market at the time were asking me to wish I were someone other than who I was. They were all about a fantasy…a dream…never a reality. What about exploring who I am and discovering more about the incredible reality and miracle of me instead of wishing I was somebody else?

The entire beauty industry at that time was about trying to fit yourself in a tiny little box that was “beauty.” Being a certain age, a certain size and having a certain look. Saying if you attained that look you would be happy, that outer beauty equals happy. That’s just not true!

I wanted to take another look at this and see what I could do to help women and people and the nose was such an obvious thing. There is this power of scent and I wanted to harness that power and work with it and have it work for me. I started sharing that with other women and making blends to help remind them of whatever they needed to be reminded of and focusing on what was wonderful about what they were already and had the capability to become.

What does the phrase “I am blessed” mean to you?

I believe we can find blessings everywhere. I bring to mind all the wonderful things in my life. For me it’s my children or maybe the fact that I have feet, I’m glad I get to walk, I had a good sleep or a nice meal with friends. I am blessed with wisdom, intelligence and experiences that are mine. I can’t feel self-pity and feel blessed at the same time. I can only feel one thing at a time. So what’s it gonna be? I get to choose!

When I wear my I Am Blessed perfume, fragrant messages of gratitude are being sent directly to the limbic part of my brain, the seat of my emotions. Instantly, I feel blessed. I have so much to be thankful for. It is quite a powerful frame of mind.

What is your dream for your customers who buy and love your perfumes?

My dream is that my customers will share this attitude of gratitude with the people in their lives and it will catch on. Feeling blessed is contagious. Positive feelings are contagious and if you share them, you’ll be a blessing for the people you love and who you come in contact with and they will go forward from your blessing and your influence and they will share with others and they will share with others and more and more people will feel happy and content and blessed! Maybe we will save the world!

Is there anything I didn’t ask you that you’d like to add?

Sometimes blessing are like a treasure hunt and sometimes you have to search and that’s a good thing. Underneath every seeming difficulty is somewhere an amazing blessing, and sometimes you have to dig deep.

My mantra for I am blessed:

My life is filled with simple pleasures. I seek and find blessings everywhere.

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    Andrea S. You were chosen to win the gift bag! Please email me at [email protected] so we can arrange to get the gift to you!

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    Feeling blessed to know such a kick ass author!

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    I agree, perfumes and scents, have a way of changing our perception for the better. The scents included in I am Blessed are amazing and I can’t wait to get some for myself.