Weekend Inspirations: My week

                        My week consisted of: unearthing my summer sundresses to wear poolside with a big straw hat as I edit and review manuscripts from writer friends. Stocking up on sunscreen, fresh herbs and new thick, black pens. Nursing a child with a high-fever in … Continue reading »

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Most Scrumptious Bacon-Onion-Camembert Tart

Hey, kids, it’s Food Friday here at the blog and here is my latest offering. Such a sad and not very appetizing picture of my scrumptious tart. My only excuse is I was so into EATING it, that I forgot to take a picture of it until I had these wimpy little leftover scraps. Ingredients: … Continue reading »

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Weekend Inspirations: June Bug

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Food Friday: Shrimp Scampi

SHRIMP SCAMPI My friend, Jasen, gave me this recipe once after he heard me bemoaning the fact that I had some white wine leftover that had gone bad. I was going to pour it out, but he told me to use it for this recipe instead. Ingredients: Butter Olive oil Garlic cloves (2) minced Shallots … Continue reading »

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Weekend Inspirations: Mysteristas

I just joined a lovely group of women mystery writers on a new blog. THE MYSTERISTAS We’re mystery writers who love to talk about reading, writing, and other relevant topics. Please join us in an interactive tweeting session on Wednesdays at 1 p.m. Hashtag: #mysteristas Meanwhile, check out our page: http://mysteristas.wordpress.com/ The lovely Cynthia Kuhn … Continue reading »

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