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My Summer Salad – in Pictures!

I eat this salad nearly every day during the summer. In these photos, I’ve quadrupled the ingredients on the index card and made 6x as much dressing. Layer so tomatoes on top so all the juices soak down before you toss. Hint: You always need to eat with some good bread to soak up the … Continue reading »

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Fully Exposed – Day 10

A Boy I Once Kissed … I spent the morning doing revisions to Blessed are the Meek. Ate lunch at home while I was working and then headed out for a walk before I returned to do copyedits for Blessed are the Dead. I fell short of my goals. I only did 2.5 hours of … Continue reading »

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Fully Exposed – Day One

On Monday, my day begins like it does most days — I drag myself out of bed, pour a cup of coffee, and sit at my computer going through my Morning Routine. This involves checking emails from the website I moderate for pay. I look for explicit language, people who post their email address or … Continue reading »

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Fully Exposed – Goals

Writing is a solitary endeavor. Much of it is done sitting at home alone for hours on end. And that’s fine. But every once in a while a writer needs to turn to another writer for inspiration, motivation, or just a shoulder to cry (or bitch) on. I’m super lucky to have Matthew Clemens as … Continue reading »

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Noir at the Bar Footage

Here is slightly Blair-Witch-Project-Shaky footage of me reading at Noir at the Bar in January. The professional camera footage was very well done but there was a glitch with the sound. The brewery was extremely loud and had horrible acoustics, so I decided to use amateur video figuring it was better for people to be … Continue reading »

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