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Posted by on December 3, 2011



The Frailty of Flesh by Sandra Ruttan. Now, I am convinced that Ruttan is a great writer, but this one just wasn’t my thing.  I returned it to the library without finishing it. Maybe I’m like a literary agent that way — if I’m not completely caught up in the first twenty pages, I’m done.

Lethal Vintage by Nadia Gordon. An easy, entertaining read and a lighthearted mystery without being a cozy. It was also a mystery with many of the elements I like to read about in women’s fiction — fun descriptions of food and fashion. It kept me turning the pages right through to the end.

Ordinary Beauty by Laura Weiss. This is still in my stack of “to be read/being read” books. I’m about one-third of the way through. I initially picked this up at the thrift store because it was written in first person, present tense, like my novel. So far, I really like it. It reminds me a bit of The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, which I loved.

Lessons from Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott. You can read my review of this book on my alter-ego style blog here. And enter to win your own copy of this lovely book.

Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell. As with all my James Scott Bell books, I read these craft books slowly and you’ll see this close to me for months as I try to absorb every word.



Didn’t get to see many movies this week. Went to bed early each night due to a week-long migraine. Oh, so much fun! But hoping to watch more movies this week, after all it is my prime movie viewing environment (winter in Minnesota) Did watch this one for family movie night:

The Tale of Despereaux. Adorable. Just like the book, which my kids still talk about.


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