Author Photos: Opinions Wanted Please!

Posted by on June 8, 2012


Hello! I’m trying to decide on an author photo. My good friend, Mark, and I went out in a storm this week and stood in the drizzle to catch some cool shots, including this first one with a rainbow. Although from a photographers point of view, Mark rocked every shot, in most of them I had dorky looks on my face. These few turned out the best.

If you like one over another, please take a sec to comment and let me know. (I know most people already weighed in on FB, but would still like to know if one stands out. The first two shots seem to be the ones people liked most.) Husband vetoed the ones I am leaning on the stone for whatever reason. I was trying to find the line between looking mysterious like a mystery writer but not looking mean and crabby. I’m not sure I found it.




29 Responses to Author Photos: Opinions Wanted Please!

  1. Michael

    I like 3 and 5 best…partial to 3.

  2. Aesthetic Alterations

    The 4th–definitely the 4th (from someone’s who’s done author shots).

  3. Sara J Henry

    Not sure of any of these – but 4 ould get my vote – seems to show more personality.

    • Kristi

      AA and Sara,
      I actually picked that one at first, but then the husband gave it the thumbs down. However, with that said, I’d rather rely on something that fellow reader/writers think would work. Sara, do you think they are too far out and that’s why none really work? Anyway thanks for weighing in. This helps.

  4. Tine

    I like the last photo (#6) best!

  5. Sarah

    I still like No. 2, but I also really like the last one, No. 6 :)

  6. David

    After some deliberation, I have to go with the rainbow one. It’s got a nice juxtaposition of the dark and mysterious – the tombstones, the shadows, your dress, the overcast sky – and hope and beauty – the rainbow, your smile.

  7. LD Masterson

    I like the first one but when it’s shrunk down to fit in smaller places, you’ll almost disappear. I’d go with 4 or 5. Probably 4.

  8. Kristi

    Addendum. thanks so much for weighing in everyone. I realized I should explain the purpose of the photos. First I’m looking for a photo my agent can attach to my bio when she submits to editors. I want the photo to say, I’m interesting, a mystery writer, easy to work with, and if you publish my book, I’ll work hard to get people to buy it. What? Is that too much to ask of one photo? The other photo (or same one) can be more of a headshot for my blog, twitter, facebook profile pics. Thanks again for all the opinions!

  9. MIckie Turk

    Rainbow pic – the background is evocative and the author drips interest and is super hot!

  10. Dina Stark

    I vote for 4. :)

  11. jack hrusoff

    They’re all very good; 3 I like for elegiac quality; 2 and 5 for beating the odds look; 1 is a once-in-a-lifetime picture. It may depend upon the book content; does it involve attaining justice and reconciling a crime; digging up and setting an old crime aright? They’re all good

  12. Jana Otto

    I like 3 and 4 best — you can see your eyes best on those — although I have to say, 1 is pretty cool.

    • Kristi

      Thanks Jana. I’m leaning toward the rainbow ontop of my bio and then maybe three or four for a headshot type dealie. xoxo

  13. Jen

    What a talented photographer you hired! Great composition. He really captures some fantastic moments.

    Here’s a way to think about it: Do you like the direct or indirect gaze better? The first and the last you’re looking off to the side. Is that good or bad for a writer photo?

  14. Mark

    I finally got a chance to review the photos. I looked at the 26 that made the first cut. I actually like #2003 the best, which didn’t make it into this group. A good serious expression, not too strict. Nice light and a solid background. Take a look at it again and see what you think.

    • Kristi

      Thanks Mark, I’ll go back and take a look at that one!
      You did an awesome job!

  15. Stephanie

    The first one, it has mystery but an element of justice as well, very crime reporter-ish to have the dark and light aspects in there.

    • Kristi

      Like that description… cool. and thanks for the kind words.

  16. Stephanie

    I also wanted to say that the first photo has something about it that shows a level of ease with death, like this is your job…what you deal with every day….but you are able to still carve out beauty in the everyday from that. I remember when you posted an opening paragraph from your book and what struck me was how the lead was still thinking about regular life things as she was going to see a crime scene, something that would make the average person squeamish. You wrote something about a sunset in there and just her capability to notice that with death surrounding her made an impression. That’s why the first photo stands out so much to me.

  17. CK

    They’re all cool but I like the third one and the last one!

  18. The Daily Connoisseur

    I love #2- you look gorgeous!

    • Kristi

      We must be on the same psychic wavelength ; ) Not two seconds ago, I checked your blog, only to see it was the same May post. Hope you are enjoying your time with your new bebe. Super excited about your book. I’d love to do a feature on you the week of release. After all, you are a mystery writer, even if this first book is nonfiction. xoxo

  19. Sara J. Henry

    To answer your question, Kristi:
    1) Too detached
    2) Too gleeful
    3) Too Dark Shadows/gothic-y
    4) Just right
    5) Too squinty
    6) Too posed/too passive

    • Kristi

      Okay, trying out no. 4. It was my initial choice until my husband vetoed it.
      Thanks for weighing in.

  20. Jeanne


    Number 4 is my vote – it has personality and is just the sort of photo I would like to see on the back flap of a book, after reading it. It would make me think, “the author is chic and has verve!”

    Jeanne x

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